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On a positive note...


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Mar 19, 2005
Dear All

Haven't been on the site for absolutely ages but lots of developments. Dad (AD diagnosed a year and a half ago aged 51) left his marriage (which was not healthy for him anyway) and moved away. Since then, many positive things happening for him. The new branch of the AD society has been a great help, where the last one couldn't accomodate him because of his age. The lower stress levels mean that he can function a lot better on a daily basis, a change which we noticed after visiting a few weeks after he moved. He has the freedom to potter and do as he likes, which he was never allowed to do before, thereby keeping his independence (and sanity!!!). He recently had a break away with us and the 'old' Dad was back, playing with his granddaughter until he was exhausted (she knows who's the boss). She showed him around the kitchen and the house when he got lost or didn't know where things were, and laughed off his peculiar behaviour.

All in all, a positive start to the year!!

Kind regards and a heartfelt happy new year x. :)