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On a lighter note ...

Amber 3

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Feb 4, 2015
South Devon
For the past few weeks my husband has been going to a Care home on a Sunday morning just to give me a few hours respite. All was going to well until last Sunday when we arrived in the car park and hubby said, "I'm not going in there!" My heart sank, but undeterred I went and rang the doorbell. A young attractive blonde female carer came to the door, I explained the situation and she looked across at hubby sitting in the car and gave him a big smile and said, "Are you going to join us today John ?" Hubby frantically clawing at the locked car door shouting, "Let me out, let me out !!! Oh dear............ :confused:


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Jan 5, 2014
Your post did make me laugh - such a vivid mental image
I had a Benny Hill type image :eek: If it works it works.

As a child I never understood my dad's interest in top of the pops (he was 47 when I was born so late 50s when I was watching it) and my mum's disapproval. I now realise that Pans people et al were the attraction.