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Diane Scott

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Oct 7, 2005
West Midlands
Did anyone see the Horizon programe last Thurday about the possible benifits of taking 1 gram daily of Omega 3 fish oils? I found it fascinating - and it seemed to make a lot of sense since the brain is about 90% fat. I thought it might be worth trying, they did a trial with children also and the results were good in that concentration was better - well everything was better really! There was also of course someone emminent giving the viewers a note of caution and empasising that this was no cure all - but nevertheless.......I'm off to see if I can find out more via the web. Apparantly we don't eat enough oily fish and omega 3 suppiments this. When my IQ improves you'll notice I bet :eek:


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Oct 9, 2003
Birmingham Hades
in the early days of Pegs illness I tried all sorts,even spiritual Healing.
Nothing worked for me,I emphasize,for me.
I also asked the firms producing the cures for any medical evidence,or controlled trials resultsI never did get any.
It's worth a try I suppose.
Norman :(


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Jul 2, 2005
West Yorkshire
My husband has been taking Omega-3 for about three months now, and is absolutely convinced it works!
He doesn't have AD, he was struggling a bit with his short-term memory. It took a while, but he's sure that he's much improved!

Good luck if you decide to give it a go.


Diane Scott

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Oct 7, 2005
West Midlands
Hi Norman, thanks for the interest, have been reading your posts and detect a dedicated husband that has explored every avenue on your wifes behalf, so sorry that nothing helped. And JKS, you seem to be quite pleased with the effect that omega 3 is having! and that can only be good news. I'm going to give it a try myself anyway - will keep you posted.


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Nov 30, 2003
Hello Diane
We are both vegetarians and as my husband has had 2 heart attacks, we were very concious that our diet should have omega 3 oils. Fish is out so we were recommended to take flaxseed oil which has a higher concentration of omega 3 oils than fish!
Unfortunately my husband was already diagnosed with AD and frontotemporal dementia when we started flaxseed oil. I'm hoping that the odd memory lapse I get is due to the strains of caring and doing all the paperwork, organising house/car repairs etc that my husband used to do. If I start sprouting leaves, I think I might have overdone the flaxseed!!!!!!


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Jul 15, 2005
Hi Diane,
I have taken flax seed oil in the past and have planned to pick up some this week to get back on it. I understand that taking one tablespoon is the equivalent to about 10 capsuls so I hold my nose and get it down with a chase of orange juice. It is so good for many conditions, my eye doctor even recommends it for good eye sight. A bonus too is how soft it makes your skin and cuticles!
Since the Omega 3's are good brain food, who knows, it just might help and certainly can't hurt. I'd stand on my head to get extra blood flow to my brain if there was a study that said it helps! :D


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