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Jun 18, 2006
Just a warning for others. Mum is on Olanzapine and a letter came through today from Boots Chemist (where Dad get his prescriptions) to say that they had discovered that some tablets which had been prescribed were fakes and did not have the correct ingredients in them and giving him numbers to check the boxes he had at home.

Since Mum was, and still is, in hospital and he had given them her medication he spoke to the nurses about it. Unfortunately the boxes had been thrown out and they could not check. He now has a new prescription.

I still can't get my head round this, I thought drugs came from reputable drug companies.

Thought I would let you know in case it may affect anyone else.


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Jan 11, 2007
parallel import drugs

Hi there.
Norman is quite right. It is all about targets and cutting down costs. I am a dispenser but am also employed by the PCT as 'medicine manager' for our surgery. Basically to cut a long story short, we are told we have to cut spending on drugs. Years ago when I first worked in dispensing it was plain and simple, we prescribed proprietary drugs, but now everything has to be prescribed generically. I am not actually wary of this as such, but what concerns me is the PI (parallel imports)drugs on the market. Now any manufacturer can churn out generic drugs, yes there must be laws and regulations 'upheld'??. But over the past few weeks we have had suppliers contacting us with the same information. It is getting to be a regular thing, the phone call to check batch numbers of PI meds bought in, as they have been found to be counterfeit. It is in no way the pharmacies or surgeries fault. We have to comply with the given budget therefore you try and find the best prices of drugs. I feel this is an issue that will only get worse.
Also medications that have been taken out of their containers/boxes. Phone the dispensary where they were issued. On their computer system if it is the same system as ours, you can detail medications supplied and find the batch numbers of the drugs supplied. Don't know if any of this has been of any use. Just thought I would let you know.
Well I am off now to take MIL for another physciatric assessment, at the hospital. Won't be good at all I fear:( Love Diane x