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Oh Dear I give up with the Invisible BIL


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Sep 6, 2017
We have Pyracanthas, one red and the other orange. Blackbirds will consume 20 or 30 or more berries in a sitting, I know because I have often watched them.

Deadly to footballs, and a real deterrent to intruders if placed strategically

Yes pyracantha gets my vote.


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May 25, 2016
channel islands
Yup, I think that one wins the top-trumps prize for thorns
Yesterday the interfering cousin comes for her usual 1 hr and we notice that on the calendar she is taking MIL out on xmas eve for tea and cake, not a mention to us just disregarded completely. We stopped putting things on the calendar because she used it to tell the BIL when/what was happening. So the OH was fuming and I thought leave it, let her come because the MIL will not go anywhere and only with me if its say doctors etc. I'm thinking I may have to invest in an additional bush.