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Official qualification


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Mar 19, 2014
Have cared for and lived with Mum for 5 years and am now her full time carer and am paid out of Mums direct payments budget fron the local council. When the inevitable happens and Mum passes I intend to continue working as a carer as everybody, including social workers, doctors, c.p.n, health workers all say I am very good and that I have had the perfect training having been hands on 24/7 for 5 years with Mum. For financial reasons I would have to secure a job soon after Mum passes but do not have a qualification such as an N.V.Q. which I believe is required. As we all know our time is very restricted when caring for someone with advanced dementia so I dont have the time to attend classes. I have found courses that can be taken on line but they are very expensive and I am not sure I would have enough spare time to concentrate on the course work. Does anybody know of any qualification awarding organisation that could visit me at home to assess my level of performance and grant an NVQ? After all, home is my workplace and am sure many of the professionals connected to Mums care would provide very good references. There may be other people in my position who would be an asset to the caring profession so any advice wouod be greatly appeeciated. Many thanks. Wilf.


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Dec 11, 2013
Hi wilf :)

I'm afraid I don't personally know of such an assessment / accreditation body. However, I do know that lots, if not most care workers, start without NVQ qualification, and gain it on the job within about six months. So I don't think your lack of a formal qualification would prevent you from getting work.

As a side issue, do you have grade 5 GSCE Maths and English? You'll need these to complete the full NVQs so if you don't have them, perhaps these might be an option via direct learning at home?

All the best to you :)

Lindy xx

Pete R

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Jul 26, 2014
Hi wilf,

The most common qualification is an NVQ2 in Health and Social Care and as far as I am aware this cannot be done solely on line and is normally assessed in the work place. I believe care providers will offer this free as you work. There is home study as well which you may not find time to do.

There are hundreds, if not thousands, of carers jobs advertised each day so do not feel you are being left behind. Some carers who came to my Mom at home had only watched a DVD so you will be streets ahead and should have no trouble finding work.:)

I wish you well.:)