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Official Complaints etc

plastic scouser

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Sep 22, 2006
Hale Village, Liverpool
Not sure if this is the right thread but here goes anyway....

When Dad was at the worst point of his AD/VA problems, I was invited to a meeting with Dad's care team along with my Mum & Dad - held at their house.

The "care team" (one woman) behaved appallingly at this meeting, claiming in front of my Dad that Mum was on the verge of a nervous breakdown, that she might drop dead of a heart attack at any moment and insinuating that Mum was more than capable of paying for Dad's care so what was she worrying about.

Following this meeting I contacted Dad's specialist who advised me off the record to demand that my concerns were registered as an "official complaint" with the local health authority. This was duly done and in time I received the none too suprising news that as far as the authority were concerned, they had done nothing wrong and they were taking the "nurse"'s word over mine. I escalated the complaint to the Healthcare Commission and recently received the news that because the woman in question had denied making any such comments at a union supported meeting, they were of the opinion that there was no case to answer to.

I have now taken the fight to the next level, contacting the Health Services Ombudsman. Has anyone on here any experience of dealing with this body? With regards to the fact that nobody believes that the nurse made such comments, would it be worth getting sworn statements from myself & my mother (I feel that strongly about this)? I find it disgusting that someone in a position such as hers should be allowed to blatantly lie about her behaviour and not be given any form of reprimand. Mind you, given the state of the NHS, I'm hardly suprised that this happened!