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Jan 18, 2004
Mid Wales
My husband has swollen feet and is finding them very painful. he can't wear any shoes and this is making him feel worse than ever. Definately fluid retention.Doctor is being called today ( my husband is in hospital at the moment under section). Does any one else have experience of this with early onset. He does walk constantly around the corridors so is getting exercise of sorts but I know does suffer with constipation. Is there a link? Staff can't seem to give me a reason why this is happening. Its just one more thing to add to his troubles.


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Feb 1, 2004

Not much help really. My husband has slight swelling - can wear his shoes, but socks are now too tight. He also has suffered with constipation. How do the hospital deal with it? Phil has been in considerable distress after being given laxatives and then not being able to find the toilet. As you say just one more trouble for them.


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Dec 29, 2003
Hi everyone,
sorry i haven't been in touch for a while . My mum suffers constantly with oedema. I am not a doctor so can only speak from my own experience. Mum was told she should rest with her legs raised above the level of her hips to reduce the swelling. Based on theory water runs downhill i think. However this does seem to help a great deal , but when she on her feet for any period of time the swelling starts again. She was also prescribed water tablets . Swollen ankles are replaced by constant dashes to the toilet , but at least she's not in so much pain. I know that there are lots of reasons for oedema but in mums case her medication seems to play a large part. Mum takes medication for high blood pressure a side effect of which seems to be fluid rentention , so she then takes water tablets to counteract this. I don't know what other health problems your husband has but it might be worth checking the small print on his medication if he takes any . I'm sure the doctor will be able to advise.
On a practical note , apart from raising & resting her legs mum finds it more comfortable to avoid shoes when in doors . Her slippers are open backed & i found slipper socks with the rubber soles are comfortable for her. A foot spar also seems to help & mum enjoys this , or massaging her feet with moisturiser.Herbalists say that geranium oil is good for swollen ankles. I've not tried this myself but might be worth considering , though perhaps check with gp first. I've also been told that eating garlic & onions help (but a bit smelly) though celery is also surposed to be good for fluid retention (i don't know why , but it can't harm). We thought that if mum reduced her fluid intake it might help but the gp said no.They advised to drink lots of fluid , especially water but to try to reduce things like caffeine, eg tea , coffee , coke. Does your husband suffer from night cramps in his legs ? Mums feet & ankles were so swollen at one point she could hardly walk but are now much better if not completely cured.Though this does seem to depend on how active she has been . One last thing , mum has a terrible habit of crossing her ankles , something i nag her about as this is bad for circulation so doesn't help. I find that by resting her feet on a soft cushion , pillow , or towel etc the physical barrier of the cushion between her feet seems to help remind her not to cross them.
Hope this is some help Joy & the doctors can sort things out.

Take care



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Jan 31, 2004
near London
Hi Joy,
This will probably not be of any use, in which case please ignore.

I am constantly on the lookout for things that will make Jan's life easier. Her feet are really mis-shapen now and shoes/slippers are a real problem. For the moment, the socks with soles seem to be the answer.

In a mobility catalogue that came today was a picture of some lambswool feet protectors. These may work for your husband, to keep his feet comfortable.

If you want the address of the supplier and maybe a picture, please let me know.