Occupational pension and care home fees


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Apr 30, 2013
I'm sorry to drop in but I'm in a crisis point right now and have a meeting this week with SS and the mental health team over my dad who is currently in respite. I'm trying to read as much as I can about costs. Can I just clarify something that Scarlett123 mentioned in an earlier post? If the LA ( I assume this means SS)after an Individual Needs Assessment determines that my dad should stay in care despite has family's wishes to bring him home and work with carers, is it then their responsibility to pay towards his care even though he would normally be self-funding? Sorry if I've read this wrongly!
John had under £13,000 savings in his name, so couldn't be self-funding. That's why the LA "negotiated" the price with the Care Home, and arrived at £525, which was our LA's ceiling. The LA paid the Home, but then invoiced me, every month, an amount, £X, which consisted of John's State Pension, plus half his private pension, less half his monthly Life Insurance Policy, less his PEA.

It's bad enough when you're trying to wrestle with your conscience about your loved one going into care, and finding somewhere that meets their needs, and you like, without having to be able to compete with George Osborne on matters fiscal!