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Obsessed with the front door


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Jan 16, 2020
My Mum over the past couple of days is becoming a bit agitated about her front door. It's the same time everyday when she comes downstairs for dinner. We try and deviate the situation but she just stands at the door and keeps saying it's not locked when it is. Eventually she will come and eat her meal but I'm wondering if it's her feeling unsettled as she doesn't go out unless for a doctor's appointment or if she has to go to the hospital which happened a few weeks ago an ambulance came out as they thought she had another UTI fortunately she was discharged after four days they did start antibiotics but as they checked the bacteria culture they couldn't find anything. Per the discharge they have asked the gp to to consider referring her to Urology as an outpatient and also to kindly review her diabetic medication plus she's now taking a low dose of aspirin which came back with her. If I'd been told this prior to her discharge as she had a peptic ulcer years ago our chemist asked the gp for a further medication for this.


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Jun 19, 2016
I'm afraid I think this another stage that a PWD goes through but at least she doesn't open and close the door like dad used to do. When I had a new lock fitted he then started looking through the letter box so I had to tape this up.