obsessed with money


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Mar 1, 2008
I don't know if my MIL is worse than I thought but the suggestions about listing outgoings and having a set day for 'accountanting' would not work because everything we tell her she has forgotten within minutes of us leaving the house. For example, she was taken to the bank on a Friday morning by both sons to change joint accounts to sole (FIL has recently died). By Monday morning she was ringing the bank to make an appointment to change joint accounts.... yes you guessed. We had FIL funeral on a Thursday, by Saturday she rang my mother to tell her the funeral was cancelled for the following week because we had to get probate. My sister in laws mother, who she has known for 23 years was sat next to her at the 'post funeral do' and she said 'I don't know who any of these people are' SIL mother said 'well most of them are family, and there are some of Peters friends come to pay their respects' MIL said 'oh right. And who are you then?' On the Alz scale, this is bad isn't it?


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Aug 9, 2007
N E England
My Dad is also obsessed with his money as he is 'self funding' you will understand he has some savings. I now know where most of the money is ( ISA'S) from searching through papers, bank statements etc. He told me one account was now closed but as I had found a statement dated 6 months earlier I insisted we called them. There was £20.000 in it :eek: He constantly asks me where his money is from selling his holiday flat in Scotland & I tell him. Evey week he wants a bank statement which I used to get from one of the hole in the walls outside the supermarket when I did his shopping.

The latest is, 'I didn't know I had an account with Barclay's, RBS etc. I tell him he doesn't & then he produces the balance print outs I have got him from that banks hole in the wall. I explain they don't have his money & it is just the bank that owns the hole in the wall.:rolleyes:

I get all his money out for him & usually have a rough idea what he needs & what he has better than he does. Out of courtesy I phone him on shopping day & ask how much money he wants. About a month ago he had £20 on the Tuesday when I was there & he checked. Two days later on Thursday when I called he told me he needed no money as he had 'lots'. I could hear him counting it over the phone £140!!! Went round that evening & sure enough it was £140. I have no idea to this day where it came from.:eek: We now call it his magic money making drawer, I WANT ONE. :D As we were selling his car at the time & he did tell me he had had one of his dog walking friends round to see it for his son I was worried he had taken a deposit on his car & forgotten. He offered it for £500 it was worth £1500 which we got. If it was a deposit nothing has come to light.:confused: