Objection to COP - Back to square one?

Discussion in 'Legal and financial issues' started by monkeygirl15, Jul 13, 2018.

  1. monkeygirl15

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    Oct 1, 2017
    I have had an email this afternoon from COP stating that my mum's case has been referred to a local office :-( To cut a long story short, back in Sep / October last year I found out that large amounts of money had been "disappearing" from my mum's bank account. These had usually been withdrawn by my sister. Hard to dispute these facts as the withdrawls were often at large shopping centres that my 85 year old mum did not access or taken from cash points at the end of my sister's road. There was a flurry of financial activity and my sister (by her own admission via text messages) wiped out one of my mum's bank accounts to the point there where was nothing left.

    When I put the pieces together, I stopped the cards and reported everything to SS who, after "investigation" agreed the money had gone but that my sister had promised to pay it back. i.e. they did nothing. When I looked back a very large amount (over £20,000) had gone from my mum's accounts. SS said they couldn't prove anything as my mum no longer had mental capacity to say one way or another and my sister said mum had said she could have it.

    Today, I receive an email from CoP saying my sister has objected to me having Deputyship for Property & Affairs. Interesting as she's not objected to me having Deputyship for Health & Wellbeing - which is surely the most important? What devastates me is that now I face another potential battle where I may have to go to Court to "prove" that my sister should not be trusted with my mum's money. I am more than happy for a third party to be given this responsibility, but the thought that I have to fight another battle for my mum devastates me beyond all words. I cannot believe someone would sink to these depths. Doesn't she realise that any money is for my mum's care? I just can't believe it :-( I'm feeling so low
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    Aug 24, 2013
    When only children come on the site and post about having to do it alone they never seem to realise that siblings like this exist, there are so many stories like yours on here where a sibling is your worst enemy, taking money, objecting to things but never offering to help. They're not all bad but there are plenty who are.
    I would say that the CoP rarely give out deputyship for H&W and I think you'll be lucky to get that, if as a deputy you make a bad decision financially they hold you to account, H&W decisions are much more tricky so the CoP like to be involved.
    Sad to hear about what your sister's done but unless someone like the CoP or social services lean on her she's unlikely to pay the money back, assuming she actually can.
  3. monkeygirl15

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    Oct 1, 2017
    To be honest, i wish she had been the deputy when all the stuff before happened. at least then she would be held to account. as it stands she hsasn't been and is still trying to get hold of my mum's money :-(

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