Nursing students in home


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May 14, 2006
This afternoon I was quite surprised to find a group of nursing students in my Mum's NH who were from a northern university, and we live in Kent. I wondered if this was because there is a shortage of good NH's with facilities for dementia in the north, or whether Mum's NH is considered to be particularly good. It seems a long way to send students, but perhaps they need to get a variety of experiences.

Also, I wondered just how much clothing is needed for someone in a NH. Although some of Mum's things were worn out and needed to be thrown away, she still has plenty left in her drawer.
I have a whole wardrobe full of her clothes at home, and I'm not sure whether she will ever get around to wearing them all again.
It was quite amazing just how much she was keeping in her house, before she wen into a care home last year!


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Feb 17, 2006
My mother the same with clothes , I think it’s the only thing left for my mother that she still has a choice in as in what clothes she like to wear, she still take pride in what she wears . With my mother I was amazed in how she remember when and wear she brought those clothes that had been keep in a case when I got them all out.

Some where to big for her , so we gave them to charity

Could not take a case with clothes, ask your mother what she wants to keep , or has she lost the understanding communication to answer back ?

PS if she want the whole case just let her keep it .
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