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Nursing homes in or close to South wales


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Dec 28, 2005
My 58 yo wife was diagnosed with AD about 3 years ago. We have coped pretty well with a little help from our family and friends but the deterioration is obvious ands I guess we will only be able to cope for a year or so more. Does any one have any info on Nursing Homes in South Wales or nearby which are likely to be able to deal well with someone so young and in every other way so well ?


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Jan 31, 2004
near London
Hi Davidw,

I'm sorry to hear about another younger onset person, and in Swansea as well - my Jan came from Neath, originally, and we knew the area well, of course.

I'd suggest you contact the local Alzheimer's Society branch :

Swansea and Lliw Valley
The Lodge
Garngoch Hospital

Telephone 01792 891691
Email branchoffice@alzswansea.org.uk
Website http://www.alzswansea.org.uk

They will have some knowledge of homes in the area.

We don't encourage members to post details of homes in the public site because such things are always so subjective - though of course, if anyone wanted to recomend one - or otherwise - they could send you a Private Message [PM].

Good luck - caring for young onset people is never easy.

Please continue to use Talking Point as much as you need!

Best wishes


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Apr 2, 2007
ime only 50 years old, ime only from bridgend, ive got alzheimers from 4 years ago, me and my wife can help you for anything. :)