Nursing home top up demand


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Nov 23, 2016
Update on update! Take advice before agreeing to top ups!!

All was quiet on the top up demand from the Care Home financial side until 3 days before our private respite arrangement ended and the Council payment kicked in. We were very stressed to receive an email stating that unless my FIL paid the extra £300 per week his wife would be evicted on the Sunday!! We had to go into full blown panic mode and take time off work to contact social workers, Age Concern and a lawyer to find out our rights. They had even tried to approach my FIL directly (despite him having moderate dementia too )but luckily we have Power of Attorney so they had to go through the family. Eventually a crisis meeting with all parties ( not FIL as too stressful for him) was held and it quickly became obvious that the Home had been trying it on and they backed down so no top up payment will be paid. All agreed that the Council were under paying but as the home had agreed to accept her they had to agree to stick to this. Incidentally my FIL is also paying a means tested contribution so not trying not to contribute.
My advice to anyone in a situation like this is to get PoA for your relative , be clear from the start what finance is to be paid from all parties and DO NOT sign anything agreeing to a top up privately with a nursing home . Only one contract with the council should be in use and any agreed top up payments for extra facilities, better view etc should be paid to the Council who then pay the Home. Obviously this only applies if you are part funded as was our case.
I really hope this can help other people who find themselves in this predicament as we really struggled to get correct advice. I am so angry that our family were blackmailed like this and so relieved that it is over now.


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Sep 17, 2010
Well done to all the family for responding so intelligently, co-operatively and determinedly to such NASTY blackmail. I'm so shocked by this try-on!