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Nursing care/dementia nursing care/CHC


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Jul 2, 2011
I want my Dad to be re-assessed for CHC,he was assessed in April 2014 but did not qualify even though the nurse who did the checklist thought he would.I didn't appeal because from what I'd read I didn't think there was much point.Anyway he has deteriorated so much now I want to try again.Rang SS today to ask who is SW is,he doesn't have one.Explained what I wanted,told I couldn't requests assessment,District Nurse has to do it.Rang NH,nurse manager seemed hesitant,said if Dad is re-assessed will probably be assessed for dementia nursing rather than general nursing which is where he is now.Presumably he would have to move.Is it worth it?He still may not get CHC;to me he scores severe in at least 2 domains,he has a nasty skin cancer as well as AD,is raving a lot of the time so much so that he is not eating,doubly incontinent,immobile,unable to communicate his needs or even recognise those needs.But I know be still might not get CHC.Is it worth risking having to move him?Might dementia nursing be better for him?I don't really know what that means.Any advice gratefully received,my brain hurts!


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Sep 17, 2010
If the care home can continue to meet his needs then the only implications of being awarded CHC is that his fees will be paid by the NHS.

If the care home can't meet your Dad's needs you'd have to move him anyway.

There's so little knowledge about CHC amongst the professionals as well as us that I think you need to do your own research rather than rely on what you're told. Good luck!