Number one's and two's


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Nov 23, 2007
Well I know this is a subject that we do not talk about.
And I will know by the response I get, not interested or ?
Let us get to the point.
Pee and Poo.
Come on, you must all have some problem's with this.
I need help.
Hubby has the sheath's on at night, they do help, but he try's to pull them off. But in the main they work. But having to strip the bed clothes at 4 am, well, not funny.
The poo bit, bit more difficult to address.
Come on, even the Queen does it.
But on a more serious note, you are having problem's with this, tell me. This is one of those thing's I am annoyed about.
Not with my Hubby (I Joke, because I am, annoyed) it is not his fault.
We need help.
All of us.