Now She Wont go on Holiday


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Aug 31, 2006
Lots of things have happened recently,silly things. My daughter broke an egg cup at breakfast - not so tragic I hear you cry - but thats just what I did!! My Mum gave it to my eldest daughter for Easter, and I suddenly thought" She will never do that again, and my children have lost a part of their granny".
Ridiculous I know, but there it is.
Then, we all( My parents, hubby and children) decided to go on what might be a last holiday together, and now she wont go cos she said that my 3 yr old said that she didnt like granny!!!!!! Now what am I supposed to do?
It feels as though I have 2 3yr olds to worry about.
Then to cap it all, she put a knife in a toaster to get the toast out, and tripped the entire house!
AAAAAArgh( That was me, not her!!!):)
Just thought I would have a moan!!!


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Nov 28, 2005
So sorry but do understand - its always small things that make me snap!
Hopefully your 3 yr. old's words will be forgotten and then you can carry on as normal. Glad you can let rip here. Best wishes BeckyJan


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Jun 27, 2006
Flossie, as Becy Jan says, there's a good chance that she will forget your 3 year old words - one of the few pluses of dementia.

I can very much relate to the egg cup story - my Mother forgot my DD's 21st Birthday (her oldest and only granddaughter). She would be mortified if she knew.