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Notice to move Dad from residential to nursing care


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Feb 3, 2015
In November Dad moved into a dementia residential care home. This was the level of care advised by his SW. He'd been living alone but supported by domicillary care and my brother who lives close by (I'm 60 miles away). My brother did all he could to keep him at home for as long as possible, but as well as the dementia getting worse Dad was falling - lots - at home, in the garden, off the bus, in shops etc. He was being taken to hospital in ambulances by kind and concerned strangers, disappearing from the hospital in his confusion sometimes. Well finally it was decided that round the clock care was needed and we placed Dad in a care home recommended by a neighbour and friend. Dad is still falling a lot (4 trips to hospital in the last week). He was re-assessed in January because of the falls and we were told that we needed to move him to dementia nursing care. His SW said his needs weren't being met there. We found somewhere we liked but they won't accept him as they say he doesn't need nursing care. I don't know where to go from here. How can I establish what level of care he needs?


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Apr 6, 2011
North Manchester
As he has had four A&E admissions in one week his care needs are obviously not being met.

A tendency to fall does not require nursing care, it most likely requires increased supervision.

It sounds as if he is being funded by the LA, a care plan should be made specifying the amount of extra supervision required to prevent the frequent falls and the LA should then pay the home for the extra staffing cost.