Not sure what this money is for.


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Apr 11, 2006
Beckenham Kent
My mum has been in an EMI NH for the last 18 months and apart from the first twelve weeks has been fully self funding. We had to sell her flat to pay for her care.

I was lead to believe that until her savings dropped below the savings threshold (can't remember exactly what it is) then we would get no help at all with her fees.

Since April this year I have received a cheque, every month, from the NH with a slip saying PCT for April (or May or June etc). The amount differs each month but is around the 350.00 mark. I have phoned the NH to find out what this is for but have not received a satisfactory answer. They tell me it is not a mistake (I worry that I will be asked to pay it all back at some time in the future !) but I am not sure why mum is receiving this money.

Can anyone help ? Thanks. Sheila


Bank the money - and write ONE LETTER, send it by RECORDED DELIVERY, then check that the letter has been received .... THEN DO NOTHING AT ALL. Just sit back, and say ... "Well I have been asking what it is all about" and "Well I phoned you on XX of XXmonth of XXyear" and "I am still waiting for a reply".

Keep a log of each and every phone call you have made, so that you know date and time and always ask the name of the person you have spoken to, and make a not of that too. But then ... then ....

Then just sit back and COOL IT, and wait for them to do anything. Perhaps the main thing may be DON'T SPEND IT, tempted though you may be to do so on behalf of your relative, but just wait and wait and ....

Take care.


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Jun 27, 2006
I'm guessing here but if it's coming from the PCT I suspect that it's the registered nursing care component (aka RNCC). Now they are suppose to remit that to the nursing home, and then the nursing home reduces its fees accordingly but possible that isn't happening in your area. Come to think of it, from what you say they are remitting it to the nursing home, it's the nursing home that has strange billing practices. As of October 1st this should be a flat rate amount of £101 per weeks for low and medium band residents. It sound to me that your mother has been assessed as needing medium band RNCC which upto October was £87 per week - that would work out to around £350 a month (assuming you're being billed by calender month.). You should be able to check this by contacting your local PCT and speaking to whoever is responsible for making this assessmnet. They should have sent you something (much to my surprise they managed to send me something and I'm in the US), but maybe you slipped through the cracks.