not sure if mother in law has dementia


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Jun 20, 2007
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My MIL (89 years old) is in hospital, she entered it after a fall at home, they cleared her from her fall in A and E and declared her fit to go home. After a routine examination they found pancreatitis, and decided to admit her. After a few days pneumonia set in and then a water infection - confusion followed, followed by lucid moments. Prior to this fall she had repetitive moments in conversation, and her short / long term memory was "fine" according to her GP. Post the fall and into week seven, we have found her short term memory and recognition of her grandchildren (all adults) a cause for concern. The hospital have declared medical fitness, but discharge must be into some sort of care. A lovely residential home was visited by my wife and i and they visited the hospital to assess MIL. they rejected her, and consequently recommended nursing care....OK, so we are going along with this. Her long term memory is periodic now, some days are better then others, long term memories come easier, and last visit she thought she was 59, wondered where her deceased husband was and didn't recognise her eldest granddaughter, which was a little distressing for her. When my wife goes, she half recognises her, then goes off on "I want to be with my Les" (wished she was dead). This had made my wife extremely distressed as when we ask the medics about the memory and possible dementia, they don't comment, or say that she's lost the will to live!
We went through a similar scenario with my Dad, and think we can recognise the signs. MIL was given the "test" on admission, and passed it. there again my Dad did too!!

We arer searching for a care home now. The hospital are hands off and make scathing side remarks that if she stays in hospitaL she'll continue to get these infections and they needs her out. We feel rushed as the care homes need to be visited and she needs an assessment for each.

Time will only tell!


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Nov 11, 2010
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Have you got a Social Worker involved yet?
They should help you sort a CH out, and don't let the hospital rush you, the homes has got to be right for your Mum.
Phone social services Monday for help and advice.

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