Not sure I should be here ??!!


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Mar 18, 2006
Hi everyone,
Remember me ??!!:eek:

I haven't posted for a while....lots of reasons...
1. Just got a new job :D so I was busy preparing for interview etc
2. Generally mad-busy at work
3. Been visiting dad at every opportunity
4. Mum's birthday coming up this week (1st since she died, so been going through old photos etc)
5. trying to sell dad's house and it takes bucketloads of my time from this kind of distance
6. not sure what to say to people here !!!!!! :eek:

It's justthat I just feel so lucky (!!!)
Dad is settled in the home. I met with his doctor who came to assess him today. She was LOVELY!!! She agreed dad has deteriorated in the last few months and his langage is especially getting poorer, BUT she is going to keep him on his medication (Even, as she said herself, despite NICE guidelines) as it is helping him and she wants him to stay as he is for as long as he can, "He's such a lovely man and I know he likes to chat...if we stop this medication his language will get worse quicker and he's so happy at the moment it would be a shame" Her words !!!

How lucky am I ??!!
Dad is happy...he loves seeing me (SO WHAT if he doesn't know my name !!)
He is well cared for in a great home
The doctor is caring and on his side
I don't have to deal with so much of the stuff so many of you do.

I am sooooooooooooooooo lucky I feel I have no right to say anything

PLEASE don't get me wrong, I'm certainly not fishing for you good folk to say nice stuff to me, I just want to be honest and say I am counting my lucky stars as I know that, in time, things will get harder.

Until then, I DO know I'm well off. My heart and respect goes out to you all


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Apr 30, 2006
Hi Jarnee
I think you've every right to "be here"!!
Your post certainly gave me a lift!:)


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Jul 15, 2005
Hi Jarnee,
We always have a choice to view the glass as half empty or half full. Thanks for the reminder!!


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Jan 4, 2006
Hiya Jarnee,
To have someone post so positively about Nursing Homes, GP's, living with dementia generally, is what we need. It helps to give balance. I do know what you mean though about not feeling that you have a right to say anything, I feel the same at times.
Good to hear from you though. Post whenever you feel like it.

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Mar 14, 2006
NW England
Hi Jarnee! Great to hear your news!

I recall many years ago getting excited about a journalist/news reporter (someone else here will no doubt remember who it was) who wanted to create a new 'Daily' which reported only good news..... I remember my dad agreeing with the general consensus that it would 'never sell'..... I remember thinking 'how sad'....

I know, personally, I have to hang on to whatever ‘good bits’ there are just now…. Alongside trying to arm myself with knowledge about what’s happening or might happen so that I‘m as best equipped to deal with it as I could be.

Only the last 48 hours I have come to this forum ‘beside myself’ with anxiety over one particular aspect of caring for mum… found great support and advice … (as always)… another day I might venture here feeling more positive and hope to share something which might help anyone else…. yet another day I don ‘ostrich role’ and don’t even want to THINK about what may be to come ….. feel helpless to help others….let alone myself….

I’ve just sat and cried this evening for one person here I don’t really ‘know’ - because I feel I have to some virtual degree ‘come to know them‘ and their news is upsetting? Or because I’m am fear-struck that I may face their same situation too one day???? Bit of both, I guess….….Then I’ve thought of you and your dad and what you've shared……. and it’s brought some hope back … a bit of self-advice to stop worrying about what may never happen….. (and 'Day by day', thank you, Norman!)

I love the ‘Positive thing each day’ in the tea-room….. but there is some of me wants a ‘Good news thread’ (dementia related) here too….

When / if my mum gets to a certain stage…. please, God, let there be some good, if it‘s no more than just having the hope for confidence in people who might care for her when I no longer can……


Please know posts like this are hugely needed and appreciated……

Love, Karen (TF), x


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Mar 18, 2006
Blimey !!!!!

Thanks, Guys !!!!

I certainly didn't expect all that :eek:

Here I am feeling pretty grand ( as much as one can) and humble cos of all the posts here and I just wanted to share that feeling.

Looks like I'm it feels good to be back :D



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Oct 15, 2005

What a lovely optimistic post! It warmed my heart that even in a situation we wouldn't choose for our loved ones there can be so many positives to hold on too, thanks for sharing them. As Debbie said, a timely reminder that the glass is half full:)