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Not sure how long


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Feb 13, 2018
My mum moved into a care home in a July after having care in her own home 24/7 for approx 1 and a half years. I’ve seen a huge deterioration in her condition in the last two months. My mum can no longer walk and has become immobile. She has also stopped being able to speak, is very quiet and looks miserable. She has stopped wanting to eat or drink very much which is a big change as she was eating well at home and had gained weight. After discussing with my mums gp blood tests have been done which show inflammation. My mum had bowel cancer a few years ago and a fairly recent screening showed a lashes growth in her bowel so doctor is saying it’s likely to be secondary spread but difficult to know for sure. UTI and chest infection have been ruled out. Visits are restricted currently, she is in Wales. GP informed me she thought I had a right to be granted a compassionate visit by the care home. I went yesterday and had a window visit which was totally heartbreaking. My question is how long is this likely to go on? I feel my mum has no quality of life, and although I picked the care home very carefully I feel as though the communication from the staff is poor and yesterday felt like a prison visit.