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Not suitable for rehab


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Mar 15, 2015
Please help me. Mum admitted on Boxing Day, girdlestone procedure, removed hip replacement and just left bone in soft tissue, 15 mins Physio a day, Physio has instructed full hoist, standing hoist to nurses. The hoists completely fox mum, I've seen her walk, 20 steps, shakily but unaided, needed help to get to standing. Since has had trouble with hoisting and anxiety, shouting loudly. So I don't think they try, she didn't get a shower for 6 weeks.
Hospital refd to intermediate care, they've declined as she hasn't got rehab potential and goals.
I don't feel they've given her a fair chance, they want us to attend s discharge planning meeting next Thursday. They are going to tell us to take her to a care home. Previously she was living indepedantly 4 visits a day, self funding. They've broken her.

Any advice ? They've written her off, what can I do?

Pete R

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Jul 26, 2014
Sorry to hear about your Mom,

I too was told Mom had no potential to walk again, even though she was walking unaided to the loo on her own, and should go straight from Hospital to a Nursing Home. I felt with some proper rehab she could at least be able to use a frame.

Lots of arguments but what seemed to sway them was this paragraph from Age UK Fact Sheet 76...........

3.3 When facing permanent admission to residential care

Section 2 of the 2009 intermediate care guidance stresses that anyone facing permanent admission to residential care should have the opportunity to benefit from rehabilitation and recuperation at the end of their acute treatment and to have their needs assessed in a location other than a busy acute hospital ward.

I got her into a community hospital where she improved greatly and then, with further battles, into a programme of reablement in a NH. Unfortunately the physio only attended once half way through but with the help of the staff we got Mom walking/transferring:) with a frame and the only time a hoist was used was when she fell.

If it wasn't for further unrelated complications she would have been able to come home.

I wish you well.