Not posted in a while..


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Nov 20, 2006
Hi all,

Few weeks since I have posted, been a tad hectic.

Anyway Dad has been home from the Assessment unit for 3 weeks now. In general he is more manageable, Mum hasn't had to call me round of an evening yet. He has his temazepam at 8pm and is usually asleep by 9pm and goes through until 9 the following day.

Mum has had a few late ones, couple of 3am's, and midnight's but on the whole she does get sleep.

Dad seems very reluctant to go out much now though, even to the local shop or walk the dog, he is apethetic about most things, finds my kids hard work and is relived when they leave which does upset Mum but she will not give in on that one.

having a few toilet troubles, not knowing what the toilet is seems the main one and holding on all day!

He seems to have deteriorated, not sure if it's the drugs, the dementia progressing, having been in the unit for 3 weeks, I suspect a combination.

He does go to the Day centre once a week, but Mum has to drop him off and pick up currently so doesn't get a huge break, she does look tired even though she is getting sleep but she is determined to carry on with him at home for now. Not sure how much he is getting out of being at home now though :(

I have started looking at local care homes and have been advised on suitable and not suitable ones and plan to visit soon so I am prepared. What I had forgotten though was how it takes over my life still, Mum phones most mornings and every evening when Dad has gone to bed so I'm always waiting for a call.. I know it's alot more for Mum and a feel a fraud for feeling so but it does still get to me..

And the baby hasn't arrived yet! 11 days over due now :eek: If nothing happens over the weekend then inducing day is Monday so life steps up another gear then :eek: And just to keep it interesting our house extension starts at the end of the month!




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Aug 29, 2006
SW Scotland
Goodness, Scott, you do seem to have a lot on your plate!

Thanks for the update, and I hope the baby arrives soon.



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Mar 6, 2007
Wigan, Lancs
Hi Scott,

I'm glad your Dad is back home, but sorry that things are still difficult. It must be hard for your Dad to adjust to being back home after the assessment unit. Perhaps he will settle, but I think you are right to prepare by looking at care homes.

11 days overdue?? Hope you have some movement this weekend. Keep us posted. :)


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Feb 20, 2008
West Yorkshire
Dear Scott
Things do seem a little calmer for mum than when you last posted. I'm sorry if dad seems like he has deteriorated, like you said its probably a combination of everything thats brought it on.
I dont envy you having to look at homes, I'm doing that at the moment for my Dad. Its quite a depressing experience at times, but I'm sure you'll find one that you and dad are ok with.
I expect you've had all the 'friendly' advice about getting labour started. I did when E was ten days late. He started to arrive before they had to do an induction, thank goodness. So there is time yet!! I think settling down to a very hot take out curry is one of the tips. Its not for everybody though!
take care