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Not looking forward to this Sunday...


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Apr 16, 2014
...as it is Mothers Day. Will be the first without my mum who died last new years eve :(. I was doing alright until a few weeks ago then I think it began to hit me. I lived with mum until she had to go into hospital in Nov 2013, although she hasn't been in the house for over a year I still miss her being around, and not having her to talk to. Up until two years ago we did most things together as she was my best friend and very young for her age. I'm not working due to health problems so some days I don't see or speak to anyone which is difficult. I do now have a partner but not living together so I don't see him everyday.

I wondered how others who have recently lost their mum's will cope with Sunday?


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Mar 26, 2013
My dear Mum died Dec 2013. When I went into the local supermarket just after Valentine's day this year there was a big display of Mother's day cards and I had a big lump in my throat. Last year my husband and I were away on holiday so I missed Mothering Sunday at our church. This year I will be going to church as I am helping with the service. Will have a tissue up my sleeve just in case .I have sent a donation to help a charity helping Mother's abroad to learn to read and write , in my Mum's and mother in laws memory. I will never forget my Mum and will always miss her but this year it does feel a little easier.

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