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not even diagnosed....


New member
Jun 7, 2019
I must say that I admire your attitude and dedication to your husband! While I know how hard it is from my side, I can't imagine how difficult it must be to deal with things from your side, having to keep everything together while coming to grips on the disease yourself. For my wife, I am no longer driving so she has to do all of the driving, I have a problem with finances so she has to handle the money, she handles all of my medications and medical appointments, and all the while she has to find time for herself to keep from going crazy herself. She found a part time program for me to attend with others with dimentia so I am able to get out on my own for a few hours and she is able to get rid of me too without having to worry about me. I think this has been essential to keeping things going. Also, although I am the youngest member in the program by about 20 years, the socialization helps. Having a "long term" plan also gives me something to look forward to and having short term realistic goals helps a little with the realization that I likely only have a few years left at most!! If your husband is anything like me, the more frazzled my wife is, the harder it is for me to act somewhat "normal". All of these things make living with dementia more and more difficult and makes the disease more and more unfair to all of us!!


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Dec 29, 2018
thank you for this, Canary. I am in the middle of Something is Not Right, and your steadiness of vision helps me.

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