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Not enough drink


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Aug 1, 2012
Stayed all day with my mum gave her 700ml come back today only had 750 not getting no help down care home always bad at the weekend nurse is miserable because she has to work weekends mum will end up in hospital because of the carers got dad in hospital with his stroke not happy no management at weekends either


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Feb 25, 2014
South coast
Im afraid I cant remember, @jelba . Is your mum considered to be actually at End of Life now? (this is the section you have posted in)

When people with dementia reach end of life their body starts shutting down slowly in preparation for their passing, and as part of this shutting down they eat and drink smaller and smaller amounts until at the end they are not eating or drinking anything at all. Lots of people think that they die because they are not eating or drinking, but that is not true - it is part of the dying process and they do not require food or fluid.

Sometimes they can bounce back and start eating and drinking again, so food and fluid should always be offered, but if your mum is at End of Life, do not worry that she is only drinking small amounts - hospital is not appropriate at this stage.