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Not diagnosed just yet


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Jul 2, 2022
I understand how you feel about waning abilities, but have difficulty imaging how it must feel when you are young with so many responsibilities. I'm 78 and have been noticing small changes for the last 8 years, and was finally diagnosed 2 months ago.

Having my suspicions I have been researching Alzheimer's disease for a few years now.
Popular belief among physicians seems to be that Alzheimer's is caused by Amyloid-beta protein plaques which form in the brain and destroy brain cells (though this has recently been shaded by suspicions that a significant research paper had dubious authenticity). These plaques are not easily revealed by a conventional MRI, so diagnosis of dementia is made by a standard series of tests (which you seem to have been through) and the results of different tests is used to determine which (if any) dementia you have, I have been diagnosed with mixed dementia (mainly Alzheimer's, with a bit of vascular).

Another sort of brain scan (PET CT) with a slightly radioactive intravenous drip beforehand, is much more effective at detecting the plaques (in my case 12 months before my NHS diagnosis was confirmed).

If you go to the home page (above) and then select Alzheimer's Society, you will find plenty of useful information and many 'factsheets' and other publications, which I have found useful.


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Aug 9, 2021
Hello there

Hello there Chocco

How did your husband go at that assessment today darling?

I think once I am diagnosed then I may be taken more seriously.

He has seen my decline in cognitive abilities over the last few years so he has been on this journey with me and knows me , the real me and not who I am becoming , which to me feels like a shadow. Of myself.

You are an amazing wife and even though I do not know you yet, I feel it . Your still with him and helping him and continuing to be there for him. That’s a saint in my eyes ❤️

But thank you for your lovely welcome and understanding 🙏❤️🙏
Hi @Nonnajay
Thank you very, very much for your kind words.
My husband said he enjoyed the assessment today!!
I suppose it was good for him to open up and get off his chest his difficulties to someone other than me.
The assistant psychologist was very kind, patient and smiley-faced. To begin with she asked him questions about his memory and capabilities in everyday life. He was asked to repeat and remember a name and adress but he couldn't do it. He told her that he found it very frustrating when he couldn't find the word he was trying to say.
She also asked my input as we were going along. Then she did a proper memory test with him, some things he did badly and some were ok.
He had to say out loud as many as possible words beginning with the letter P within 1 minute - he amazed me with that one by flying through it!! But then he had to name as many animals as he could - beginning with any letter and he struggled with that one.
So we will hopefully get a diagnosis in about 3 weeks.

I hope your daughter managed to make that doc's appointment for you - keep us posted and whenever you feel the need to vent your frustrations, please feel free - we are all here for you xx