Not alone in all of this


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May 29, 2004
I am a new member and have just spent some time reading messages from other people in the same position as me, i.e. with a parent with AD. During the past 7 years I have had to cope 'relatively alone' while watching my mother's condition gradually deteriorate. (I was 34 and single when my mother first moved into a home - my father had died when I was 18 - and my older brother only manages to visit about 2-3 times a year). It is therefore wonderful to know that I am not on my own - that there are other people who know exactly what it feels like and experience the same feelings of loss, guilt and frustration. Whilst my partner (who did not know my mother) and my friends can be supportive, it is always a balancing act trying to share my feelings without overburdening them. (Afterall, AD is not a cheerful subject. ) At last I have found people I can talk openly and honestly with. Thank you Alzheimers Society. I look forward to adding my contributions to the discussions.


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Jan 31, 2004
near London
Hi Helen

Yes, it is a bit of a revelation when you have thought you are alone in coping with an awful problem, to discover there are others out there in the same position that you can talk to, and share experiences with.

In time you will be able to help those who come after you, but for the moment, do use Talking Point to help you. By the way, you lso help those of us who are further down a slightly different path by doing that, so we can all get some small victories!