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Mar 22, 2007
Another rather odd thing happened. In some way this is rhetorical. I have no intention now of trying to make any alternative arrangements for mum, since her last falls she is clearly in the right place however much she hates it.

However I was discussing with the administrator generally about mum and the fact she doesnt get any help at all with the fees. I recently asked SS to asses her as I thought it might help mum to have someone else to express her views to, and also someone else to tell her she cant go "home".

"Well" said the administator "they would never allow that anyway!"

I didnt say much at the time but on thinkin about it, it seems a very odd turn of phrase! Mum isnt sectioned, so surely, it is basically her and my decision if she moved out of the home? As I said there is very little chance of that anyway but surely SS cant make her stay there if an alternative ever was to be found?
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Grannie G

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Apr 3, 2006
I don`t understand that Natasha.

If your mother is self funding and a home was happy to have her, she could go anywhere, surely.

Perhaps the Administrator meant because your mother isn`t sectioned, it wouldn`t be allowed for someone from SS to tell her she couldn`t go home.

That`s how I read it.

Love xx