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May 12, 2006
west sussex
My first weekend away with my husband since my mother moved in full time with us in January this year.

Her friend had volunteered for mum to stay with her any time that my husband and I wanted a break, and this was arranged for this weekend but unfortunately mum's friend was rushed to hospital on Wednesday...

never mind I thought as I had half expected something like this to happen.

My seventeen year old son said that I should get my brother to look after her, anyway without going into all the ins and out of it I wouldn't dream of inflicting such a thing on my son thinks that I am a chicken for not getting my brother to look after mum...

after this tact hadn't worked he said that he would look after his gran, I said that it wouldn't be fair on him and that he probably wouldn't be able to cope, "Well she's not crazy is she", his words....

my husband and I set off for the West Country on Friday, having shopped and filled the fridge with food and left my 85 year old mother (who according to my brother should be in a home) in the very capable hand of my 17 year old...

he had some friends round on Friday evening, mum introduced herself to them all before taking herself off to bed...

my son and his girlfriend have cooked and looked after her, and when we returned this afternoon she was happily sitting watching the telly...

They had a few funny incidences to report, mum trying to speak on the mobile phone while it was upside down, taking herself off to bed upstairs to bed - whilst her bedroom is downstairs...

I just wanted to share my happy weekend.....


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Apr 30, 2006
hi Candy
I'm well impressed!!
Glad you had a good break....perhaps I'll have a word with my 17 year old son......but then again........:eek:


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Feb 17, 2006
Oh your son sounds like a lovely boy just like my son :) who look after my mother for a week , but yes threes always a but with me sorry , anyway but he said he would never do it angina a weekend yes but never a week lol


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Jun 3, 2005
Candy, you must be so proud of your super son, (not forgetting his girlfriend and the other visiting friends) he's a credit to you and his upbringing. And it sounds like your Mum thoroughly enjoyed his time 'in charge' as well!