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Not accepted to CH


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Apr 27, 2015
Oxton, Wirral
Hi Everyone, hope you are all okay.

Today we have received a decline from the care home in which we wanted to place our mum. Reason being, due to her challenging behaviours. I was told that they didnt have the staff to be able to deal with mum, if she had a kick off, or was challenging.

Is this usual? Does anybody know what would be the next steps?

thanks in advance
Sue x


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Feb 20, 2012
Northern Ireland
Hi Sue. Yes this is the case. Any care home worth their salt will carry out an assessment on any potential new resident. They have a duty of care to their existing residents to ensure that no one is admitted who poses a harm to them. There was a lady admitted to mum's home as an emergency when her family couldn't cope. A proper assement was obviously not carried out. This woman made life intolerable for the residents. I could see mum getting more and more down. This woman was forever shouting and grabbing at people. She would pull frail old ladies from their chairs and try to sit on top of people who would not move so she could sit down. She pinched their food and swore like a trooper for hours on end. This went on for a few weeks until eventually after a number of complaints from families she was moved to the specialist unit in our area.

I'm not for one minute saying this is a picture of your own mum but if your mum does have challenging behavior its best she is admitted to a specialist unit where they have a higher staff to resident ratio and are therefore better able to care for your mum.