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Not able to see dad


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Aug 24, 2017
As we are all aware with covid-19 all the homes have shut there doors to visitors and rightly so. The trouble is Dad does not understand why we aren't coming to see him and has stopped eating. We talk to him on a video call but he isn't doing well and it's breaking my heart 😔 sorry to go on.


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Jul 23, 2017
N Ireland
You aren't 'going on', and even if you were that's OK as it's part of the function of the forum.

My wife doesn't understand what's going on and why she isn't at her day centre. It's just how things will be for a while and I hope we all get through it.

Keep posting for support as everyone here will understand.


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Jul 16, 2019
Hi @Nette.B, that is such a sad thing to hear - my heart goes out to you all. Is Dad able to respond on the video calls? If he gets confused with the interaction on a live call could you send him a pre-recorded family message perhaps?

Have you also thought of sending him a weekly letter (or a card with a message inside) with a photo (old or new - copies of photos that evoke old memories is sometimes nice) telling him what is going on with you and the family? Even if he struggles to read it one of the carers could read it to him and it will be something there for him. My siblings kids used to do that for my Mum and she really loved it (they lived a long distance away).

I can understand why it is breaking your heart - keep posting and stay strong.


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May 25, 2016
channel islands
We cannot speak to MIL in care home as she does not have a phone and the Skype is no go now as they used ipads in the lounge area which is now out of bounds (and no wireless capability in other areas). We are sending cards on a weekly basis and so are other family members. Its strange going from caring 24/7 about 2 months ago to not being able to see her, she is in lockdown in her room.

There have been three care homes on the island that have tested positive which we have expected as it is a close community and a lot of people in such a small area but I must say our local government (not part of the UK) have been amazing the way they have handled the pandemic. They have given clear instructions and whilst we have alot of beaches etc everyone has been obeying the rules. Sorry that does not help you but for us cards and photos are the only thing we can do. At least you can do that if nothing much else helps.

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