No one will help my aunt


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Jan 18, 2007
Birmingham, UK
I hope to be able to get some advice through the forum about my aunt.

She lives in alone Austria and the rest of her family, including myself, are in the UK. She is 68 and has been diagnosed with "Global Amnesia" last year, though the symptoms have been present for a long time. She has private health care, and for a long time her doctor merely prescribed Aricept and Ebixa and asked her to arrange a check up once a month. While she is on the medication, things are OK, when she forgets she is prone to have paranoid delusions and to go missing, lose her keys, money &c. She has intermitant visits from former work colleagues who sort out her medication for the forthcoming week, but this is voluntary and irregular. Her doctor was making no effort to check on my aunt, relying on her to contact him for further treatment. It was effectively saying "don't forget your Alzheimer's appointment next month!" which would be laughable if it wasn't so tragic. Last November, I arranged for her to have a new doctor, fearing for her health and safety. Unfortunately the situation is no better. The new doctor promised to have my aunt to stay in the hospital for three weeks for observation. After six weeks of calls and reminders from me, the doctor eventually said he couldn't make my aunt come in for treatment (she didn't want to go in).

Where do I go from here? I have pleaded with the doctors to look after my aunt, explained repeatedly how fragile and dangerous the situation is but they appear happy to leave it to my aunt to organise what needs to be done and act on her instruction. I think this is because it is a private clinic rather than national health, and there is no equivalent of "sectioning"... but I just want to find someone who will look after her, and take an active role.

I have been flying in everytime there is a crisis, but can't persuade her to come to the UK or to agree to get help in Austria. It's also having an impact on my work and home life here in UK. Help!


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Aug 29, 2006
SW Scotland
Hi falsedog

Welcome to TP, you'll find lots of support here.

It must be very difficult trying to sort things out for your aunt. Do you speak German?

Nada's suggestion to contact the Austrian Alzheimer's Society is probably your best bet.

How does the Austrian Social Service operate? Even though your aunt pays for medical care, she should be eligible for social care. SS would arrange care in the home in this country, but I don't know how that works in Austria.

The ideal solution would be to bring your aunt over here, but if she refuses that can't happen. I do hope you can come up with a solution. Let us know.

Good luck