No news on CT scan


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Aug 27, 2007
My dad had a CT scan over a month ago. Since then my mum has tried to find out the result. The cpn said "oh you need to ask the consultant". The consultant who makes home visits every 3 months or so visited last week. He told my mum "oh yes sorry I forgot, I'll ask the cpn to let you know. No news. At the same time my dad had an appointment with the GP - who I have to say is brilliant with all matters concerning the elderly - was also awaiting the results and was chasing.

I feel so upset for mum. She was told at the beginning that she would be kept fully in the picture. She only had the ask and all the help and support she needed would be there. I think she copes really well as apart from the day my dad goes to the local NHS day centre they are always together.

She only wants what's best for him and to know what's happening. They've been together for 62 years and she's frightened.

Grannie G

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Apr 3, 2006
Hello jes,

I don`t know what it is about CT scans. When my husband had his, I got myself all hyped up for the results at our next appointment with the consultant, only to be told they not yet arrived.

So we had to wait until a further appointment with the consultant, four months later. Our GP, if he had them, was unable to discuss them until we had seen the consultant.

It all sounds very cloak and dagger, and I`ve no idea how many others have to wait for results, but I hope it will be some consolation to your mother that we had to wait too.

I hope you won`t have to wait much longer.

Take care xx


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Mar 6, 2007
Wigan, Lancs
Hi Jes,

I think the casual way your mum has been dealt with is unacceptable, however if the GP can't find out the result it would seem that you are up against it. How could the consultant have a meaningful appointment with your Dad if he didn't have the result of the CT scan? I wonder if the result has got lost in the system and they are playing for time? If so they should tell you the truth and arrange a new scan, as at the moment it seems you are being fobbed off.

Time to get stroppy I think but maybe ask the GP to get stroppy on your behalf.

Good luck.

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Mar 14, 2006
NW England
Hi Jes, it's awful waiting for results for anything isn't it? Good news about the GP - I have often found with mum that I get results through quicker by asking for a 'copy clinic' letter (from whichever hospital department or consultant) to be sent directly to me/her. Obviously, they are usually full of medical terminology I need the GP to translate for me anyway! But at least it's a prompt the results are available.

I do recall mum's psycho-geriatrican being, shall we say, rather 'laid-back' about scan results ..... she set more score by observations and reported behaviour/symptoms. She also said that - not only did scan results have to be reported on by the radiologists to her - she then had to interpret any findings against her clinical notes ...... all a lengthy process, I'm afraid ......

I have often found making myself a nuisance with consultants' secretaries to be one ploy to get things moving ...... You know you're winning when you announce, 'Hello, it's Karen .... can I give you my mum's hospital number.....?' and they 'No, it's OK - I have her file right here!'

So sad, we have to behave like that ... and of course there's all the confidentiality issues .... but I have hardly come a cross a situation yet with this disease where I haven't seemed to have to pester and badger to get somewhere ......

One final thought - the results of scans are often inconclusive anyway .... I hate to think of your mum (and you of course) worrying about something which might not give you any definite answers anyway ....... which is another worry in itself ... oh dear ....sorry, that was meant to try to help,

Love, Karen, x


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Aug 29, 2006
SW Scotland
One final thought - the results of scans are often inconclusive anyway ....
Quite right, Karen, especially in the early stages. As far as I know, Alzheimer's shows as general shrinkage in all areas of the brain. Vascular dementia shows major damage confined to one or more areas, while combined dementia there is general shrinkage combined with damage in one area. In John's case, there is now slight shrinkage, with a huge black hole on the left side where the language centre should be.

It's quite easy to diagnose in the later stages (if they bother to do scans then, many don't), but in the early stages it's much more difficult.

What maddens me about the delay in getting results is that in many cases it's just that the consultant hasn't bothered to write the report. John had a scan when he was in hospital, and we had the results the same afternoon. It's all on the computer these days.

Jes, I hope you manage to get the scan results soon, it's not acceptable for your mum to be kept waiting like this.

Margaret W

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Apr 28, 2007
North Derbyshire
Grannie G and everyone else,

Same experience with CT scans. Mum had hers in March, I took her. May, no results back yet. June, no results back yet. I pressed. Results had been sent and lost. July results appeared, had been sent within a week of the scan in March. One wonders.



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Jul 7, 2007
Hospital results

Our Mum is still in hospital (3 weeks now) - but she had a scan a few days ago and we got the results the same day - just by asking the staff nurse in charge.
"shows early Alzheimers & no signs of TIA damage etc" Results were on computer just minutes after she returned to ward.
One puzzle is - GPs and consultants have computer access - its a matter of seconds to send results over so why all the delays in this supposed high tec age ?


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Aug 29, 2006
SW Scotland
germain said:
One puzzle is - GPs and consultants have computer access - its a matter of seconds to send results over so why all the delays in this supposed high tec age ?
There's a new system being pioneered in Scotland -- Glasgow area only, at the moment, but to spread nationwide.

All scans, X-rays, etc. to be placed on a central computer which can be accessed by any GP or hospital in Scotland. Previous scans/X-rays will also be uploaded, so that if a person is taken ill or breaks a leg, the hospital can immediately call up the earlier scan, wherever in Scotland it was done.

A great idea, but as you say, why has it taken so long?