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Oct 27, 2005
my dad is still in hospital it has been 6 monthes now and his dm has got a lot worse as exspected him being in hospital . we are waiting for his funding to come through again he had it once then they stopped it now he has some but it is not enough so we are waiting for it to go back to dark again next week . they have told us he is a bed blocker and because of this they will put him in a home anywhere there is a bed available the 2 they have menshioned are a long way from the family and will not be able to visit him everyday like we all do now .the home we have picked out for him is ideal for us as for the last 6 monthes we have had to go to the hospital dinner and tea times to feed him because he keeps falling asleep when eating and they are afraid he chokes and when he is in the home we will be able to carry on like this because it is close to us .but yesterday the matron from the home rang my sister to say that she has taken dad off the waiting list because the ward sister rang from the hospital to say that the rates were to high and that my dad will not be going there this was all without our knowing .we rang my dads social worker to tell her whote as happend and she said there is not much we can do we are now thinking of having a solicitor involved to see if he can help in any way . its just we are afraid we goin there one day and they have already moved him have anyone elts had this problem


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Jan 4, 2006
Hiya Ironmaiden,
Sorry that I can be of no help, but I am sure that others will soon be able to offer some advice. You sound to be in a very difficult situation. Hope you can get it sorted.
Best wishes, Amy.


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May 14, 2006
Hi Ironmaiden,
We haven't had your problem because my mother is self- funding (it doesn't seem very fair that people who have saved hard all their lives are penalised) but we have found that the MP has been very helpful. He has responded to several letters and given us advice about letting Mum's house out. There were a number of things we hadn't understood. You can write to the Houses of Parliament or e-mail the MP. Usually there is an address in the local paper. The Citizen's Advice Bureau may also be able to help.
If transport is a big issue, and Cornwall may not have good links in the countryside, then surely the Social Services are obliged to place patients within sensible travelling distance of their relations? A person with dementia especially needs to have plenty of contact with family so they can retain their memories as long as possible.
Good luck with the authorities and I hope you are able to stand your ground!
Best wishes
from Kayla


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Apr 30, 2006
hi Ironmaiden
my mum's move to a nursing home was much better than you are experiencing,I don't understand what a ward sister was doing phoning the matron, I thought It was the social workers job to tell you that your dad would not be funded and not a ward sister.have you thought of moving your dad to respite care until till a suitable bed is found, I ask this as mum only had one bed offered and I was told she could be also moved if I did not except the home, If this where possible It would give you a chance to find something nearer, also if your dad has problems eating maybe a nursing home would be better as they would feed him, hope this helps