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No Going Back. . .


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Apr 13, 2018
@DeBlonde, I realised my mother didn't have a DNR notice when I had a meeting with the care home manager last year to talk through her care plan I guess that may have been because mum had some capacity when she went into the care home and I know if asked she would expect every effort to be made to keep her alive, as she wouldn't have been been able to understand that the outcome might be very poor. We agreed a DNR should be in place and the home arranged it with the GP.
The GP phoned me up and was lovely. We agreed it wouldn't be in mum's best interests to try and revive her, but that infections would be treated. We also agreed that she should only go to hospital if it was absolutely necessary. I found the whole process to not be stressful. Mainly because my mother was at the time, and still is, physically very fit and not in imminent danger of passing away. It's good to get these things sorted when their isn't a crisis.
Have you had any news as to how your mum has settled? Mine took a while to get used to it, but seems pretty OK in her care home now. The whole process is very strange, and I found took a lot of getting used to. It's all made so difficult because you can't really get to know the staff and other residents at the moment. Hopefully all that will change over the next few months. Certainly I felt that the care home was like another family, and I miss seeing them all, not just my mother.


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Jan 23, 2019
@Sarasa Thank you for your post. I think it will take a good while for Mum to settle to be honest. The home she is in is the only one in the area that doesn't have Covid cases, so they went into lockdown yesterday, so no visits which will help Mum to settle. We can phone etc so that's good. I dont think Mum will have the capacity to understand the implications of being resuscitated. I'm hoping that we will have a good relationship with the staff, they certainly seem lovely. I'll contact the GP today

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