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Night times


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Mar 26, 2014
Hi everyone, I would be so grateful for any help and advice Mum lives with us she has Alzheimer's I am have problems during the night, Mum go's to bed about 9pm sleeps peacefully for about 2-3 hours then I am getting up with her 3-4 times during the rest of the night, all she wants to do is sleep in the chair in the lounge, its a constant battle getting her back to bed and hope she stays there. I feel she needs more sleep than shes getting and after breakfast she asleep again until lunch lime, I am running out of ways to try and keep her in bed for a whole nights sleep. Many thanks.


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May 18, 2014
Its mum and the sofa for me, its not really a battle, its what happens when she does this, a long list of things and all added up it is far better for her to stay in bed!! I have tried with some success softening her mattress with a sheep skin, 2 very plump V shaped pillows so that she is almost sitting up, this seems to ease any back/leg problems she may have. I have noticed that when she wakes up from a nap on the sofa she finds it easier to get up, but has a few problems doing the same from bed. So I am still looking at the bed finding ways to make it more comfortable, sitting up seems to be the way we are going.