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NHS Nightmare


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Jun 13, 2014
Not been on in a while but just wanted to share upsetting experience at the hands of NHS. Mum is 92 with AD she was admitted to hospital on 1/72015 low bp and breathing went through every medical scenario and still don't know what she was treated for. She was discharged evening 13/7 still poorly she was back in a&e overnight then discharged home again still poorly CERT got involved and she went into a step down bed on the 15th and diagnosed now with a UTI. Meeting with CERT social worker to arrange mum coming home with care package increase then last Tuesday I was informed mum needed 24 hour care in an EMI NH upset in set wheels in motion with SS. Had some complaints from certain staff at the care home mum was shouting continuously found myself having to defend my poor mum. On Friday last mum was transferred to an EMI NH I was given half hour notice this was going to happen, she was sent with half her clothes missing and dirty/ underwear. Needless to say I have shouted at a lot of people since Friday culminating in mum coming home tomorrow with increased care package, equipment etc. after all that has happened in the last month I believe my now frail 92 year old mum deserves some stability.

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Jan 14, 2010
East Kent

OMG , I am so sorry to read what has happened to your poor Mum and the terrible worry you have been put through.

I hope you have the strength to keep on shouting .
I am sure other TPers will be appalled when they read this and will be able to help with advise on who to complain to .


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Jun 19, 2015
Gosh, I was shocked to read this! If your mum was recommendeed for an NH EMI bed thre is no way she should have been returned to a care home without additional support. Surelly, at this point, its the continuing care assessment that should come in to play and the home funded for her to have specialing? I don't know what's gone wrong at their end for her to be sent out with missing/dirty clothing.....this is all just dreadful and you are absolutely right to make a stink about it.

Apart from detailing everything to her social worker, you should be contacting the PALS service at the hospital and putting a formal complaint to the home manager. That aside, you must be absolutely sure you have sufficient support at home to help get through this stage -perhaps roping in your GP who can take an independent view on the whole situation. Best of luck, I am really thinking of you.


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Jun 13, 2014
Yes complaint letter already gone into chief exec at the hospital and now just composing one to the CERT team already been in to complain to the home. Mum is now home with full care package and equipment to assist carers. Dread to think what would have happened if mum did not have me to stand up for her she would have been put (and was) anywhere.

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