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NHS Mental Health Care Trusts


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Mar 16, 2005
Hi Everyone,

I visited my local library today and found out that my local Mental Health NHS Trust is going to become a 'Foundation Trust'.

"The difference is they will be run locally, not by Government, and so will be able to work closely with their community to develop services in the way that best suits the needs of local people."


"To lead the way and become one of the first mental health foundation trusts in the country is an 12 week long consultation period. During this time, our partners, staff, service users, carers and members of the community will have the chance to voice any concerns or opinions."

I feel I should be asking questions, but to be honest, I'm not sure what questions I should be asking! Anyone have any ideas or opinions? Would it be a good thing if I become a member of the Trust?


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Oct 9, 2003
Birmingham Hades
Dear Hazel
I think it would be a very useful move to join the foundation Trust.
You would be in there and get information first hand.
Care free at point of delivery,nursing Homes fees,abolished.
Go for it Gel
Best Wishes