NHS Continuing care score update


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Mar 8, 2008

Just received conformation of Dad's continuing care and the "score".

I know some of you were interested how he "scored"
The list is like this:
Behaviour: Low
Cognition: Severe
Psychological Needs: Med
Mobility: High
Nutrition: Low
Drug/Medication: Severe
Altered State of Consciousnes:Low

Hope this is of interest...if you want any other info please ask or by all means send me a PM:)

Susi T

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Jan 12, 2007
Leamington Spa
Hi Jackie

Sorry haven't read your intial thresd, did your Dad get continuing healthcare with this score? I have just appealed
against Dad's case and am very interested in your result.
All the best


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Nov 7, 2004
Hi Jack

Thanks for the information, which is very useful.

Best wishes



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Mar 8, 2008
Hi Susi T

No offence taken....I am female anyway (Helen) just use jack as a user name:)

Yes this is the continuing healthcare score...granted for 3 months initially then reviewed and then reviewed every six months.

Good luck with your appeal.

Clive...hope the info is of use and help to you.


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Mar 22, 2007
This is very interesting indeed as my mother is currently fully self funding but Im sure she would have to score as high on the majority of these. I wonder if the criteria are also weighted?


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Nov 7, 2004
Hi Natashalou

The test is weighted in the sense that you can only get the Priority level (which assures you of Continuing Healthcare) in the Behaviour, Breathing, Drug Therapies and ASC health domains.

Psychological Needs, Communications, Continence on the other hand can only be scored up to High and can never gain a person Continuing Healthcare on there own merit even in the worst situation.

Jack’s dad was accepted because he was rated with TWO Severe health domains, which is also a score that guarantees Continuing Healthcare.

Cognition can only be scored up to Severe so a person with complete memory failure cannot obtain Continuing Healthcare without some other significant health problem.

However there must be many people whose health has deteriorated after going into a Care Home who would now qualify for NHS Continuing Healthcare. (I cannot see any advantage to either the NH or the NHS for either of these bodies to voluntarily suggest a person should apply).

If you think your loved one could qualify after scoring them on the “NHS Continuing Healthcare Checklist” you should put an application in. There is no charge. You can only be refused like many others have been.

If you try to claim for past months you will find that the bureaucracy takes ages.

Best of luck if you decide to have a go.