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Rugby kate

New member
Nov 27, 2019
Hi, just found this site and it's amazing. Dad died a few months ago (had dementia for a long time), mum has it too now, and it's coming on fast for her. I've had to put her in a home as she can't walk or talk any more. Luckily, she seems settled there. My own marriage went south, in a pretty traumatic way, just before dad died. My sibling support is mixed (they both live a few hours away etc - you all know how it goes). I work full time. It's been bloody hard for me, and for so many on here, whose stories I've read with tears and admiration. And yet we are all still standing. Wow! That's all for now.


Volunteer Host
Apr 1, 2016
Welcome to Dementia Talking Point @Rugby kate

Your story is very similar to mine except it was mum first and then dad. I too went through a pretty spectacular divorce and was left with two kids and a fledgling business to run when mum got ill. It's been very hard and I'm still coping with the fall-out. But I'm still standing!

…..and now I have the Elton John song in my ear!!