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Newbie here with early onset Alzheimer's Disease


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My darling Mam's funeral was on 11 May at the crematorium chapel and on 22 May we buried her ashes in the grave with her husband's ashes and they are both now together forever again here on Earth - I believe, spiritually, that they are together forever anyway.

Both services were hard, we had a live webcast and recording of her funeral at the crematorium because of the limited amount of people allowed to attend funerals in the UK with the Coronavirus lockdown and also because she died of COVID19.

After just six weeks ago and burying my sister, her daughter, it is really taking its toll - but a lot of us are all in the same boat...

I love her loads and always will - now it is time to start taking care of my Alzheimer's Disease and Parkinson's Disease and looking after myself for awhile x


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I'm not doing Christmas this year, for obvious reasons, it just wouldn't feel right with the year we've all had, and especially with the loss in my family...

But I wish all of you a happy and peaceful day - stay safe and enjoy!

Daryl x

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Jan 4, 2019
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Hi all,

I hope that I have posted in the right section. :)

In June 2011, I was diagnosed with early onset Alzheimer's Disease... I was 45 years old. It really didn't come as a shock to be honest, because my family and I had been recognising the signs, because my mum is in the later stages of the disease and my grandma died with Alzheimer's Disease related symptoms too. What did come as a shock, was the early progress of the disease in me - my mum is elderly and my grandma was in her late 70s when the illness hit her too.

What makes it all a strain is that I am also the carer for my mum, and to top it all, this year her husband, my stepfather, has been diagnosed with the first stages of vascular dementia. In March, I had to take the drastic action of putting my mum into emergency respite care, as my stepfather was suffering terrible dillusions with his illness. It broke my heart when I made her social worker enforce the act, and when I had to leave her there, but I knew it was for the best. It was by sheer hard work between me and my stepsister, that luckily, the very next day, we managed to also get my stepfather put into respite care with her, so they were back together. This settled my mother, and helped my stepdad in his recovery.

They are now both back at home, with a care plan set in place for carers to call on them four times a day, for washing, cooking, hygiene and cleaning (my mother and stepfather pay for this too) and it gives me some relief, but to be honest, this last year has been a nightmare, not only with my diagnosis, but with having to be a carer to to my mother and stepfather with dementia as well.

I now have some time to think about my health. Along with other illnesses, my Alzheimer's Disease has caused me to have to readjust my life completely. I have been on a cognitive stimulation therapy course, and go on another one at the end of next month, but there really isn't much available for people with working age dementia and I find this so frustrating... it really does feel like we are being left behind in our needs.

I have an excellent dementia medical team however. The psychiatrist, my CPN who deals with my needs, and specialises with the dementia team is a godsend and has sorted many things for me, however I now have another battle to fight!

I have recently received a letter from the DWP stating that I am being took off my Incapacity Benefit and going onto ESA... and they have placed me in the 'work-related' category, saying that an adviser will help me take steps to get me back into work! - that will be a challenge in itself! :eek:

Anyway, thanks for reading, and I look forward to hearing your replies... thank you! :)
Respectful greetings to you, Happy New Year - 2021 & thank you so much for your posting.

I understand "your language".

I'm a 60 yrs., old male that too has been Dx with the early stages of AD.

I know it isn't easy but my situation could be much ... worse. Thanks to a Higher Power of my understanding I still could reason, have a wonderful wife, two adult children and two "Treasures" -- > grandsons 10 & 12.

At age 33 a miracle happen in my life. Due to the fact I didn't have control drinking and it cause me lots ... of problems (especially with my loved ones) and ... .

I met "Dr. Bob & Bill W." friends and since than been having regular fellowship meetings (over a nice hot cup of café or via conference call) and most important I have not had the necessity or the desire to have that 1st - drink and I feel good, useful to others (my family) and to myself.

It's a day at a time / Easy does it / Baby steps and ** having an attitude of thanks giving to a Higher Power of my understanding for His love, grace, mercy and for being at my side 24/7.

My most sincere wishes to you, be careful & safe;

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Six years ago today I did an article in the 'Living With Dementia' magazine for the Alzheimer's Society...

Here is the article:



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Long time since I visited... I will blame my dementia for it, although this lockdown has blurred time here in the UK to be honest.

It is a year ago today I lost my darling mum to Covid-19, just five weeks before that I lost my beloved sister. The year 2020 will be looked back at as one of the most heartbreaking years in human history when the story is retold.


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May 9, 2012
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Thinking of you @Daryl2510 - you are right, such a heart-breaking time for so many. Anniversaries like these are intense and overwhelming. Wishing you strength as you try to deal with such devastating loss - and remember, we are here for you whenever you need to talk.


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A year ago today I held the funeral of my darling mum, who sadly died of coronavirus - five weeks after my beloved sister died...

A lot has happened in that time, we are all getting vaccinated and things look more promising... I hope for the memory of my dear mum and the 160,000+ in the UK (3 million in the world) that have died of the pandemic, that they still take care and remember that this plague can, and does, kill.


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