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New Year's Eve

Emily M

Registered User
Jan 20, 2015
For all those friends here who are facing tonight and the new year without someone they love.
I hope the coming year is kind to everyone. x

Thanks Saffie. There are many of us in that situation. All the best to you also.


Registered User
Oct 19, 2009
Thank you Saffie. I hope the New Year is kind to you too. Dau had invited me out with a group tonight, but I can't face it. Lots of smiling jolly people is the last thing I feel like facing at the moment. Don't like crowds, and jolly parties with everyone shouting to be heard, at the best of times - and New Years Eve is not the best of times!


Registered User
Aug 30, 2012
Brixham Devon
Thank you Saffie. The very best wishes to you and anyone else on here who is desperately missing someone special. Soon be all over thank goodness:eek:

I'm going out with my friend and her Husband to a pub with a buffet. My friend is very kind to invite me but I wish I wasn't going. That may seem rather ungrateful for those who are on their own tonight or with their caring responsibilities. I would rather be at home with my memories but my protests have fallen on deaf ears. They are nice people so I will repay them with my gratitude and a smile nailed on my face-inside, well that will be a different story, as I'm sure it will be for many.

Love to you all

Lyn T XX

Grannie G

Volunteer Moderator
Apr 3, 2006
Thank you Saffie.

I'm grateful I don't have a problem being alone tonight. Dhiren and I never made a big thing about the new year. It is better being alone than being one in a crowd pretending to be having a lovely time.

Happy New Year to those to whom it is important. I hope it is not too painful for you Saffie .


Registered User
Mar 26, 2011
Near Southampton
Thank you all, Emily, Lyn, Izzy, Lady A and Sylvia.

No, Sylvia, I just feel sad.

I have to go to my daughter's this evening but I have this bad head cold, a very rare occurrence, and would much rather not. My grandson likes me to go and play a game but I've said I'll only go for an hour, early on. Then home and bed. x


Registered User
Apr 17, 2015
Best wishes to all of you on here. It seems that it's not unusual to not want to be part of the New Year celebrations, even without our specific circumstances. At least by being on here we all know we're not alone. I was at my uncle's funeral yesterday; he'd been in a care home for several years (he had Alzheimer's). My mum (his sister) is in an EMI care home and this year has been horrible, but what's really helped is being able to look at this website. Thinking of you all tonight xx


Registered User
Dec 21, 2008
Best wishes to you all.

I'm staying in but as I live in a cul-de-sac most of the neighbours gather in the middle of the street just after midnight with a glass so I will probably wander down if it's dry.

I hope that next year is kind to all.


Registered User
Nov 5, 2013
Thoughts for everyone here xx
It will be 2 years later in January since Mum passed.Reality starting to hit me .Missing Mum x


Registered User
Aug 24, 2010
North Yorkshire
Thank You Saffie & YES !...............

To you too Grove.
Onwards and hopefully, upwards - for me anyway - to York! :)

Thank you Saffie & onwards for me into York :) also ! & have a put a pink Sticky Note on the Calendar with the dates :) ( so no double booking for me on those dates ! )

Hope you had a good New Year's Eve or did you spend it in bed ? ( had Tea & early evening with Dad & Mum) Once back Home stayed up* & saw New Year in :) with the BBC Big Ben & the lovely fireworks

Hope you have a good day & weekend

Looking forward too meeting you & all the T P Gang :)

Grove x