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New today.


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Mar 23, 2015
I only just joined so hope to get some valuable info regarding my mum who has dementia. She seems to have got so bad since Christmas just gone. I live waiting for the phone to ring or when I come back home the phone to be flashing with a message.

Only today mum has rung to see if I had gone to a party???? No party existed but I play along and change the subject. Very sad.



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Oct 23, 2013

Hi Sainey,

After reading your post I felt it reflected me and my mum.
She has Vascular/ mixed dementia, she also has deteriorated so fast this last year. Every week there is afew notable differances in her.
Mum was calling me more and more every day and at my work, asking crazy things which i think she must have dreampt. Now the last few weeks she has stoped calling altogether, not sure whats worse ! As i now worry what she is doing, but at least i now get a full nights sleep.
I totaly understand how you feel , mum did not realy understand last xmas past. No one I know understands how it feels to slowly lose your mum to dementia, it is so stressfull.
I use talking point more and find we are all together in this, like your post I know its not only me. And its somewhere to let off a bit of steam. : )
Take care
C x


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Jan 19, 2011
North East England
Hi Sianey and indeed Vintage43, and welcome to the forum, where I'm sure you will get lots of help and support, just as I've done over the past few years.

There's a wealth of experience here, so just ask away, vent or simply chat in the tearoom!