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New to this forum!


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Oct 10, 2013
Tonbridge, Kent

I am new on here. My Mum has Alzheimer's & has recently been admitted to a residential EMI care home in Tonbridge. Mum is still fairly fit & active & whilst this lasts, I would like her to be able to go out & about as much as possible. The staff are able to do this but probably not as often as Mum would like to go out! I have contacted Alzheimers Society, Age Uk & Dementia UK & they all tell me because she is now in residential care, she is no longer eligible to go to any of their day care centres & basically cannot help at all. I work full time & am fairly limited to evenings & weekends for visiting & taking Mum out.This is infuriating as just because she has moved, it doesn't mean she wouldn't like a change of scenery. Does anyone have any help or advice at all?

Kind regards



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Jun 8, 2012
Hi Amy and welcome to TP.

I have no experience of this yet, but didn't want to read and run. I think I'd be in touch with the home to find out what activities they are putting on for Mum. Whilst dementia/alzheimers is different for everyone some people in homes get upset when they go out as they don't want to go back, it can be unsettling. For you and your mum it would be beneficial but I guess there is only so much one to one support that can be given. I don't know though.

I'd just be as proactive in finding out what activities the care home does and take her out if it is isn't unsettling when you can.

There may be specific interest groups who might be able to help. We have support services for Irish people who run befriending services but I only have experience of getting support in the community, as have no experience of care homes. Sorry.

I am sure more helpful and informed posters will be along shortly.


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Nov 9, 2009
Hi Amy, just wanted to acknowledge your first post, and indeed give you a warm welcome to Talking Point, so pleased your mum seems to have settled into a good environment, could you have a word with the manager to see if extra activity is available for mum there? maybe they could "pull some strings" can understand that you would like mum to go out as much as possible, but maybe resources within the home come into what funding is available, I am sure someone here may have experience of this situation and be along soon to help, in the meantime please do keep posting, and take care.
Chris x