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New to thia

Jayne BB

New member
Jun 14, 2020
Hello, I’m 50 and my husband has been diagnosed with AD (he’s67).
I’m starting to struggle and just want to speak to anyone who’s in the same boat x


Volunteer Host
Nov 6, 2008
Hi @Jayne BB and welcome to DTP
you are in the right place for information and support
if you share a little more information about your situation you will get more personalised replies I hop now you have found the forum you will continue to post


Volunteer Moderator
Aug 31, 2003
Good morning and welcome to the forum.

I’m sorry to read about your husband’s diagnosis. As @nellbelles says you’re in the right place for information and support.

It might be helpful for you to begin your own thread. Many members do this so that they can keep track of all of their posts and responses in one place. If you feel you’d like to do this just click on this link when you’re ready -

I Have A Partner With Dementia

Keep posting - it’s a great place to share concerns, ask questions, talk about how you’re feel and even just have a rant!