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New to Dementia Talking Point? Please read this...

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Apr 29, 2014
If you've just joined Dementia Talking Point, a very warm welcome to you :)

Getting started

If you’re trying to find your way around, here are some tips...
  • You can find answers to FAQs here
  • Our Help videos will show you how to navigate the different areas of Dementia Talking Point
  • We have a Quick Guide explaining how to use Dementia Talking Point including logging in, posting, replying, checking private messages and searching
Other areas of Dementia Talking Point

There are lots of areas of Dementia Talking Point to discover. Take a look at the homepage to see a list of different forums. Once you click on the forum that is most relevant to you, look for the blue button that says +Post New Thread to start your own discussion.

You might also like to visit the Tea Room for relaxing and unwinding, as well as a section for members' poetry and an area for discussing difficult feelings. Our legal and financial section is full of helpful information on lots of financial, legal and benefits issues.


One of our members has kindly put together a list of abbreviations commonly used on Dementia Talking Point, which might help you to make sense of some of the terms used here.

More help with using Dementia Talking Point

If you would like more help with using Dementia Talking Point, you might find it useful to:

1. Read the information and tips on our Help page

2. Drop us an email at talkingpoint@alzheimers.org.uk
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Apr 29, 2014
Staying safe online

The moderating team has posted lots of good advice about staying safe online at various points over the years, so we thought a general guide to protecting your privacy and safety online may be helpful.

Most of what's below is straightforward common sense - but it’s always wise to be on the safe side :)

Privacy and safety on TP

Contact with other members via Dementia Talking Point itself is relatively safe, because we don’t permit the exchange of personal contact information on the forum and generally, members’ usernames are as anonymous as people wish them to be (in fact, we discourage members from choosing usernames which reveal their full name, email address, or anything which may identify them in any way - see our Help guide to choosing a username).

Here’s a quick reminder of our key tips around protecting your privacy and staying safe when using TP (our full guidelines on privacy can be found here):

· Remember Dementia Talking Point is a publically visible online community, and so the information posted, except in the members-only forums, can be seen by anyone on the internet

· We strongly advise that you register on the community with a nickname/something that doesn’t reveal your full name

· Try not to include specific information that might identify you in your posts (like the area you live in, or people's full names)

· Don’t share contact details on the public forum (address, phone number, email address etc)

Please keep your personal details safe and think carefully before posting any specific details about your holidays etc, such as dates you’ll be away.

Privacy and safety outside of TP

Many TP members develop strong friendships with each other online. From time to time some members may feel they wish to be in touch with their TP friends outside of the forum, be that via email, telephone or in person.

Please be cautious when contacting other members directly or giving other members your personal contact details.

It’s really important to build up relationships - and confidence about those relationships - with other members, before exchanging any personal contact information with them, or arranging to meet in person.

If you do feel confident and comfortable with meeting up with another member in person, then the safest way of doing this is to bring a trusted friend or family member with you when you go. At the very least, you should tell someone who you are meeting, when and where. Take a mobile phone with you so that you can make contact with others if need be and so that you can be contacted, and arrange to meet in a public place that you know will be reasonably busy.

Also, you might find this article useful - it has 10 key tips for staying safe online.

Last but not least: if any member of the forum initiates or suggests contact that you’re not comfortable with - either on the open forums or via PM - then please don’t hesitate to report this.

Alternatively you can contact the staff team:

PM Serena
PM Harriet
PM Saun
PM Sophie

Questions or concerns?

If you have any questions or concerns about this, please feel free to contact us by emailing talkingpoint@alzheimers.org.uk.
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