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New to all this need advice


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Nov 22, 2020
Hello 👋🏻
A friend has recently come out of a mental health facility after being diagnosed with Korsakoff , they were there for 15 weeks and detoxed from alcohol and eventually after the 1st 5 weeks they eventually responded to treatment ( we were told they would never be returning and would need assisted living as they didn’t respond for so long) . We were all thrilled that they returned home this week deemed fit to live alone with no care plan just 1 injection of thiamine fortnightly . Obviously I and other friends and family want to do what is best for them and that is why I am looking for advice, while my friend is home and no longer drinking and seems determined never to again some of the behaviour exhibited is eerily similar to how they were like when they 1st went to hospital and I am worried about the fact that my friend literally the min they got home rang someone and managed to acquire a bag of cannabis and is determined that the cannabis is something they will not be giving up, does anyone know if there is any danger for them continuing to smoke this , and any more advice or tips for aiding recovery for them ??
Thanks in advance


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Dec 15, 2012
hello @KShelpinghand
a warm welcome to DTP
your friend is fortunate indeed to have friends and family looking out for them

I wonder whether a family member might write to your friend's GP, and consultant if there is one, to let them know about the smoking, the behaviour being exhibited and all your concerns ... at least then the medics will have an up to date picture of your friend's situation


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Oct 21, 2019
Korsakoff’s is such an interesting one!
Do you know they fortify the bread flour in some countries ( example Australia) for this reason?
In answer to your question it would obviously be far better if your friend turned into a model citizen, but life isn’t like that!

If it was my friend I would not offer encouragement, but nor would I be a judgey bore, to the point they decide not to include me into the truth of their life.

One question that must remain is what is the long term impact of their life so far. If you had the interest or stamina you could possible diary any strange behaviours, this may be of use at a later date.

I provide a couple of links. One to an article that may be of interest. The other to compassionate communication which gives such good lessons.
I suspect you may need to post again in your journey with your friend. May I suggest you put the word Korsakoff in the post title as it will attract the people with interest or experience in this area.

Wishing you success. Your friend is very lucky to have you !


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Nov 22, 2020
Thank You everyone , I have since contacted my friends family regarding this just so they know ,my frien has asked one of us ( my friend wouldn’t come to me as I would say no) to buy some alcohol free cider , I am hesitant about this as most no alcoholic alcohol still has some alcohol I. It , so I am now worried bout this also I don’t want it to be a set back in recovery ,however there is some court action now regarding my friend getting there child back so am keeping a closer eye and reporting anything to family as they would be the ones dealing with it if they relate witch is scary with korasacoff
Thank you everyone for your kind word